Monday, 23 November 2015

Cute Winter Bear Nail Art

Hey Guys..!!
December is really close now  so here I am with my new nail art post from my winter series..are you ready for some cutenesss? I made this cute colorful bears and I am totally in love with them.To highlight the teddys i have used bright colors for scarf and cap and i kept the base white.and they are looking so good and attractive with such bright color..what do you guys think?? are they looking god
And here is the step-by-step tutorial for this look!!

And here are the things I have used:
  • White nail polish for base
  • grey acrylic paint for bear
  • light grey acrylic paint for mouth area
  • blue acrylic paint for nose
  • light pink acrylic paint for ears
  • and white acrylic paint for pupil
  • yellow,green,pink,orange acrylic paint for their scarfs and caps
  • black acrylic paint for outlining and stuffs
  • and finally a topcoat.

 hope you guys like this tutorial.Just now finished the tutorial video for this nail art look will be up soon on my YouTube channel..and i really hope you guys like my effort and Feel free to share it!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

  Hey Friends...
Today I have #PrayForParis nails to share with you guys. when I heard what happened in Paris I couldn't believe it and then I saw all of the picture going around and decided to do these nails. I wanted to help by raising awareness of the dangers in this world we live in. Friday the 13th will always be remembered now that a disaster has been placed on our hands, 129 lives were lost and millions of hearts were broken.
My heart and thoughts goes out to all victims of selfish people's greed and cruelty..My heart is broken..and this
is the only way to express my condolences. So Here's the Nail Art
In this nail art i tried to paint Eiffel Tower in the Peace Sign..!!
wanted to shared the message of love,peace & hope for a change towards good..

On my index and in tiny finger i have painted french flag.

Here are the micro shots !!

once GANDHI said
"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path"

France stay STRONG!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Indian Lord Krishna Nails Comparison !!!

Hey Loveliess,
In Today's Post I have a very cool thing to show you guys...hold your horses guys...!!
Today I was going through all my old nail art pictures And I found This Nail Art of Lord KRISHNA
Which I did in 2013 almost 2 years back..I still remember those days when i had very selective tools to do my manicures..but I am so happy to see that even with few tools I pulled this mani so beautifully..Isn't it guys ??
and here is my recent Nail Art Inspired from a Painting of Lord KRISHNA..

 This Picture was captured in artificial light. And I did this manicure for an Indian Festival called JANMASHTAMI...
And i feel so good to see how it came out...
Here's another shot of my KRISHNA Mani...You can clearly see the difference how much i have improved in these 2 years.. I just wanted to compare my oldie with my new one..guys if you want to learn how i created this beautiful peacock nail art you check out my YouTube Channel for the Tutorial Video just click below and give it a thumbs up & leave comment and Subscribe too :D