Tuesday, 17 November 2015

  Hey Friends...
Today I have #PrayForParis nails to share with you guys. when I heard what happened in Paris I couldn't believe it and then I saw all of the picture going around and decided to do these nails. I wanted to help by raising awareness of the dangers in this world we live in. Friday the 13th will always be remembered now that a disaster has been placed on our hands, 129 lives were lost and millions of hearts were broken.
My heart and thoughts goes out to all victims of selfish people's greed and cruelty..My heart is broken..and this
is the only way to express my condolences. So Here's the Nail Art
In this nail art i tried to paint Eiffel Tower in the Peace Sign..!!
wanted to shared the message of love,peace & hope for a change towards good..

On my index and in tiny finger i have painted french flag.

Here are the micro shots !!

once GANDHI said
"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path"

France stay STRONG!


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  2. Praying for the victims. Very nice nailart

  3. Great job with the nail art.. Expressing yourself..

  4. Beautiful design. My heart goes out to everyone that was touched by this awful attack.