Monday, 23 November 2015

Cute Winter Bear Nail Art

Hey Guys..!!
December is really close now  so here I am with my new nail art post from my winter series..are you ready for some cutenesss? I made this cute colorful bears and I am totally in love with them.To highlight the teddys i have used bright colors for scarf and cap and i kept the base white.and they are looking so good and attractive with such bright color..what do you guys think?? are they looking god
And here is the step-by-step tutorial for this look!!

And here are the things I have used:
  • White nail polish for base
  • grey acrylic paint for bear
  • light grey acrylic paint for mouth area
  • blue acrylic paint for nose
  • light pink acrylic paint for ears
  • and white acrylic paint for pupil
  • yellow,green,pink,orange acrylic paint for their scarfs and caps
  • black acrylic paint for outlining and stuffs
  • and finally a topcoat.

 hope you guys like this tutorial.Just now finished the tutorial video for this nail art look will be up soon on my YouTube channel..and i really hope you guys like my effort and Feel free to share it!


  1. Wow such a fun and cute nailart great job :)

  2. Aww really cute.. And step by step pics are really helpful. Loved it